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Paparazzi surrounds Governor Bill Clinton’s cat, 1992

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Paparazzi surrounds Governor Bill Clinton’s cat, 1992
Thanks to the internet, there are many pet celebrities now although back in the '90s, Socks the cat was the press' favorite. That's because he was the White House's "first pet" at the tim.. This political animal adopted by Governor Bill Clinton was the most popular purry friend in the 1992 presidential race.

Naturally, Socks lived a better life than most people. He had his own video game, he was on the children’s version of the White House website, and he anwered mails. Of course, the Republicans were enraged. They questioned how much of the taxpayers' money was being allotted on the person answering letters to children under the guise of a cat.

Police stops the NYC traffic for a cat and her kitten, 1925
No matter who you are or what fancy car you are driving in the 1920s, if a cat wants to cross the New York streets, you have no choice but to comply. The traffic enforcer was there to make sure of it. The job entails managing the traffic and assisting pedestrians. This policeman went overboard just to help a mama cat and her kitten cross the street.
An arctic explorer offers canned milk to a polar bear, 1980
While some would argue that every man is for himself in the wildlife, this Russian soldier would beg to disagree. The -40 degrees Fahrenheit weather did not stop him from helping people and even animals in need. He was one of the men on a routine military expedition in the Chukchi Peninsula who offered condensed milk to the polar bear parent.  
This heartwarming moment wasn't an isolated case. The Russian soldiers would usually open the cans of condensed milk so the starving bears could proceed to lick it clean and then feed their cubs. The Soviet winter reunites everyone including poor animals.


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Mount St. Helens erupts, 1980
Contrary to what many would think, this is not just a massive cloud formation on a random day. It was actually a scene from the eruption of Mount St. Helens in Skamania County, Washington back in 1980. The devastating event was somehow expected because there had already been a series of earthquakes around two months before the explosion. St. Helens was also spewing steam so it was just a matter of when.
A magnitude 5.1 earthquake that passed through directly under the mountain caused the largest rockslide in history. The destruction cost caused caused by the eruption was nearly $1.1 billion.  

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The beautiful colors of Maine during fall
One thing that has remained in Maine throughout these years is its breathtaking view during fall. Even before drinking pumpkin spice latte was a trend for that season, taking coffee and basking at the picturesque scene was the dream. The trees changes its leaves to the most beautiful colors. The cold air would also make you want to spend evenings just sitting in front of the fire.
What's wonderful about this photo is that you can still relive it in the present. Go on long hikes and spend evenings on the lake together with your friends. Did we mention the abundance of apples, gourds, and pumpkins? If you're not on a diet, there are also lots of lobsters.

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The magnificent scenery of the French Alps
It looks unreal but it most certainly is! This jaw-dropping view is brought to you by the French Alps. Except for those residing in the area, it goes beyond anyone's imagination. This picturesque piece of land makes a convincing case to leave everything behind and just live in the European mountains. Imagine how breathtaking it would be to witness it in person.
There's totally no judgment coming from us if you want to let out a yodel. Just be careful as it might trigger an unwanted avalanche. Also, France may be a bit of a credit-grabber for calling it the “French Alps." Many of the alps are actually shared with Switzerland and Italy.

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American athletes raise their fists, 1968
American sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos made history in the 1968 Olympics not only during the games but also when they were given their awards. As they were receiving their medals in Mexico, gold medalist Smith and bronze medalist Carlos bowed their heads and raised their fists in the air.
Smith and Carlo wanted to tell the world that despite the victory, there is still a war to be won which is the rampant inequality in the world. They put their fists in the air just as the national anthem of the United States was about to play. According to Carlos, “We knew that what we were going to do was far greater than any athletic feat."

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Earth from the side of the moon, 1968
Louis Armstrong was obviously not lying when he thought to himself, "what a wonderful world." The line does not only apply when seeing our world from within. This 1968 image of the Earth in space is proof that it is indeed wonderful.
Perhaps the fact that this was photographed on Christmas Eve adds some sentimental value. The Apollo 8 was en route to becoming the first manned mission to orbit the moon. Just as astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and Bill Anders were about to surface from the side of the moon, they spotted our beautiful planet through one of the hatch windows.

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Mushroom cloud forms over Nagasaki, 1945
This explosive image showing some smoke that formed into the shape of a mushroom was taken after the bombing on Nagasaki, Japan. Without any alarm, the United States dropped the atomic bomb Fat Man. Photographed in 1945, the man behind the lens was not a photographer, but rather, an officer named Lieutenant Charles Levy. 5a1f30467492101c4e992138b52fe7c7.jpg
Levy recounted, "We saw this big plume climbing up, up into the sky... It was purple, red, white, all colors—something like boiling coffee. It looked alive.” The military man's image of the mushroom cloud was widely circulated.
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Princess Diana meets Rowan Atkinson, 1984
This 1984 image is bound to put a smile on the face of any British. They have here two icons meeting each other for the first time. Princess Diana seemed to have recognized the face of comedian Rowan Atkinson when she was introduced to the cast of the TV show "Royal Variety Performance." She seemed to mouth, "You!" while the Mr. Bean actor felt flattered.
Captured at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London, everyone was in the mood to meet the beloved Princess of Wales. As you may recall, there was actually an episode on the animated series of Mr. Bean where he tours the royal palace.

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